Your Teeth - Your Life

If you have yellow teeth you know - it's embarrassing. Every time you open your mouth to smile you're self-conscious, feeling that people see only those ugly yellow stains. If you feel this way, you're not alone.

An AAP recent consumer survey found:

Another National study found:

Psychological Effects

Having yellow teeth changes a person's appearance, and it often causes a drop in self-confidence and damages a person's perception of their own attractiveness. Because poor self-confidence could leak into all areas of life - personal, social, work, school, etc. - stained teeth can actually hold a person back from achieving their full potential!

Physical Effects

Outside of the obvious discoloration of your teeth, other possible physical effects of stained teeth include tooth decay and tooth trauma - both of which can be very serious health problems. Tooth discoloration caused by everyday foods, tobacco, etc. is rarely a risk to your health but if you suspect discoloration due to decay or trauma, please make an appointment with your dentist to take appropriate precautions.

Dental Pro at Home vs. Competitors

  Whitening Agent Safe Cost Approximate Shade Improvement*
Dental Pro at Home 22% Carbamide Solution w/ Xylitol Yes $94.31 6 shades
Alternative Brand At-Home Whitening Treatment #1 10% Carbamide Solution Maybe. Treatments not made in the USA could include unregulated ingredients. $60-$90 for a one month supply 4 shades
Alternative Brand At-Home Whitening Treatment #2 35% Carbamide Solution No. This level of concentration is not recommended by dentists and is linked to enamel damage. $80 - $100 6-8 shades
In-Office Dentist Whitening Treatment 15% -35% Solution Yes if a 22% carbamide solution or less is used. 35% Carbamide Solutions have been linked with enamel damage $300 to $800 6-8 shades
Light Based (or Laser) Whitening Light Based (or Laser) Whitening No Conclusive Research $1000+ 8 shades
Whitening Strips 10% Peroxide Yes $35 1-2 Shades (results don’t last for very long)
Whitening “pens” 2.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Yes – but not effective $49.95 Do a quick search of Celebrity Sexy Teeth online and you’ll see all of the complaints – this product does not work at all.

* Results will vary